Lightroom CC bug – Published photo goes straight to Modified to Re-Publish

Ever since I upgraded to Lightroom CC I’ve experienced am issue with my Publish Services. Some of the photos I published went immediately to the state Modified Photos to Re-Publish. It looked the screenshot below.

Lightroom CC Publisher Modified

I have been annoyed by this for quite some time and have always blamed the smart publish folders and their filtering abilities. Maybe combined with the fact that I have two services with some identical smart folders – could they somehow mess up each other?

The answer is no! Not sure exactly what pointed me in the right direction, but I seem to have found the problem.  It surely seems to be a bug in Lightroom – hopefully Adobe will fix it.

In the Publish Service configuration I had chosen to Remove People Info, i.e. the new special keywords that were introduced along with face detection. It appeared, though, that removing those special keywords made Lightroom see the current photo metadata status as modified compared to the published version. Unticking the checkbox made all work as before.