Photoshop CC shake reduction filter

My father in law just came back from Le Mans 2013 and had a few shots of car #95 before the fatal crash. No wonder he was sad, that the shutter speed he used was slightly too slow┬áresulting in minor blur. This seemed like the perfect occasion to test that new shake reduction filter in Photoshop CC – providing both a clearer photo and memory of the great race driver Allan Simonsen…

The technical part

I used 2 estimation regions: one on car #95 and one on the leftmore tree. For the first the Blur Trace Bounds was set to 40px and both Smoothing and Artifact Suppression was reduced slightly.

Finally I overlaid a highpass filtered version of the image to get sharpen the details even better.

The result is not printable for a poster, but definitely usable for postcard size print or Full HD wallpaper.

Below is a comparison of the before and after version – both scaled down from 15MP originals

Car #95 - originalCar #95 - retouced


And cropped to show the details:

Zoomed originalZoomed - retouched


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